While watching movies while watching some intense action or horror scene we consider the scene to be unreal and consider actors to easily be playing the role. For the audience movies are just a few hours of entertainment, but in actual they are the result of months of hardwork of many people. The actors really work hard and some times are hurt both physically and mentally. Beside from physical harm such as broken bones, injuries etc., there were actors who were even mentally harmed.

So we bought you the list of 9 most dangerous movie roles in the history of cinema.

1. Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight

The most famous and beloved villan ever in the history of cinema. The bitter story of the actor is very well known by the world. The last role of his life which eventually lead him to death. To prepare for the role of joker Heath kept himself isolated to practice for his role perfecting the laughter and mannersims of Joker. The darkness of the role was such that it drove him to depression, which lead him an accidental overdosing of the prescribed medicines which lead to his death. A legend indeed.

2. Tom Hanks- Cast Away

Cast away was a film about a man’s survival in a deserted island. The film shows the Tom Hanks living in very harsh conditions. Tom had to work very hard for the role as he initally required to gain weight and then lose weight in a very short period of time which was a huge risk for his body. Not only this, Hanks almost was drawn to death from a staph infection while filming. The actor sure deserves a lot of appreciation for this role.

3. Shelly Duvall – The Shining

It was recently stated by Shelly Duvall that her role in the film Shining lead her to some serious mental illness. She stated that the director Stanley Kubrick was extreamly demanding for her role due to which the baseball scene has to be shot 127 times to get the perfect shot. She also added the stress lead her to loose hair and have mental breakdowns on the set.

4. Brandon Lee – The Crow

Accidents are really common on movie sets, but sometimes accidents are major one where they turn everything upside down. The 1994’s movie ‘The Crow’ is a great example of such accidents. Actor Brandon Lee was victim of the accident which cost him his life. There was a scene in movie where Brandon was to be shot with an empty rifle somehow, the rifle was not empty and Brandon was hit by a bullet which took his life. No case was filed, no one was arrested cause accidents happens.

5. Isla Fisher – Now You See Me

The beautiful Australian actress who played the role of one of the horseman in the movie Now You See Me almost drowned during her intro scene. Do you guys remember the scene where she was chained in a tank full of water? Most of the struggling and screaming in the scene were real as the actress was really traped and was about to drown. Something went wrong in that scene and everyone thought she was just moving it up with the script but somehow she managed to free herself at the end.

6. Jake Lloyd – Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Most of you would be curious what is Jake Llyod doing in this list ? Well, Jake Llyod went through a lot for his role in star wars. He was bullied by the students in his school who would make lightsaber noise everytime they saw him. This lead him ti mental harms which lead him to a point where he became afraid of facing the camera. He has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia after the incident.

7. Jared Leto – Suicide Squad

Joker is really an intense character and one one is spared from the negetivity of the character. Jared Leto who played the role of Joker in the movie Sucide Squad got so much into the character of Joker that it made him nuts. The Clown of Crimes Joker is a negetive character who also like to play dirty tricks on people and Jared took this character so seriously that he actually send a rat to Margot Robbie, real bullets were send by him to Will Smith, and send used condoms to everyone else.

8. Diane Kruger – Inglourious Basterds

There is a scene where Diane Kruger gets choked in the film Inglourious Bastered. The director of the movie did not believed in the acting skills of Diane Kruger so the choking scene you saw was real where the actress was really choked and lost her consciousness. The actress was very close of dying. Being an actor is not a child’s play.

9. Jason Statham – The Expendables

There are many actors who like to perform their own stunts to entertain their fans. Jason Statham is one of the actors who like to perform their his stunts. One of his stunts in his movie ‘The Expendables 3’ almost cost him is life. While performing a stunt after which the brakes of a huge truck failed and it drove of the cliff it was a 60 feet drop the dead sea. Luckily the actor somehow manged to move out of the truck and swin himself to safety.

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